Here you'll find hand-crafted beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets which combine semi-precious stone beads, Bali silver, crystals, Czech glass beads and/or various focal beads. Most pieces are one of a kind; some are limited editions.  Please note that most of the necklaces have matching earrings and are sold as a set, not separately.  There are also some earrings and bracelets that are sold separately.

A piece of jewelry can be chosen to go with a specific outfit, or for a certain occasion, but also to project our unique energy and intentions.  Some believe that semi-precious stones and their colors carry various energies that can be utilized for healing or enhancing specific qualities.   You may be interested in the historical uses of various gemstones and their colors on this website which you can use as a guide when picking out a piece of jewelry for yourself or for a gift.

"As one experiences beauty, one feels the process of transformation in one's being....Beauty has another very mysterious character.  You never get enough of it.  As you experience it, it unfolds in higher dimensions: it never wears out.  Every time you repeat your contact with beauty, you renew your joy and your energy."  - Torkom Saraydarian

When we are in the presence of beauty, such as an exquisite lotus blossom, our energy and spirit is transported to the next level.  My hope is that jewels in the lotus  jewelry lifts your energy too!