About Laurie

P1000414Coming from a family of artists and musicians, I, too, grew up with a creative streak and with a desire to add more beauty to the world. Although I studied art, design and crafts in college in my 20's, it wasn't until a number of years in a career as a mental health therapist and practicing different forms of energy healing that making jewelry became a passionate creative outlet.

I noticed that making and wearing the pieces I'd made was refreshing to my energy, and working with my hands felt like a good balance with the emotional and mental aspects of psychotherapy work.  By working with the colors, shapes, textures of the beads, usually a design emerges that feels energetically correct. I like to name them according to the feeling, theme or idea that it evokes in me as I make them.

To me, part of the fun of being a woman is to decorate ourselves, enhance our natural beauty and celebrate the Divine Feminine.  jewels in the lotus jewelry celebrates the Goddess in you!