Gemstone Colors

Gemstones are purported to carry healing energies partly due to the color that emanates from them.  Color can be used to create psychological moods and effects and to strengthen one’s intentions. Color is subjective from culture to culture.

When choosing a piece of jewelry for yourself or for a gift, here are some principles of color to keep in mind:

  1. RED
    • Red is a stimulating color that induces vitality, action, initiation, excitement and individuality.   It is associated with the 1st chakra located at the base of the spine, and in color therapy benefits the muscular system, tendons and fascia.
    • Red semi-precious gemstones: red jasper, garnet, red coral
    • Wear RED when you need stimulation, grounding, stability and to take action.

    Affirmation:  “I am grounded and centered in my being.”

  2. PINK
    • Pink, which combines red and white, reflects the subtle frequency of unconditional love, compassion, connection and relationship.
    • Pink semi-precious gemstones: rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, kunzite, lepidolite, pink tourmaline.
    • Wear PINK when you want to attract love, or feel Divine Love energy.

    Affirmation:  “I am opening to Divine Love.”

    • Orange is a sensual, vibrant color which has aspects of strength, procreation and sexuality.  In color therapy it benefits the immune, lymphatic and endocrine systems.   It is associated with the 2nd chakra located in the sexual and reproductive area, adrenals and abdomen.
    • Wear ORANGE when you need to have more passion and pleasure in your life or to balance sexual energy.
    • Orange semi-precious gemstones: carnelian, orange Botswana agate, orange zircon, Brazilian agate

    Affirmation:  “I attract balance and perfect polarity within my being.”

    • Yellow is a color having to do with personal power, will, ego, impulses, energy, transformation and laughter.  It is the color of sunshine and hope. In color therapy it benefits the organs of elimination and metabolic disorders.  
    • Yellow is associated with the 3rd chakra located in the solar plexus and stomach.
    • Wear YELLOW when you need: mental clarity, need energy, increase your sense of personal power.
    • Yellow gemstones: citrine, pineapple quartz, topaz, amber

    Affirmation:  “I own my power.”

  5. GREEN
    • Green is the color of compassion, love, balance, relationship and healing. In color therapy it benefits the liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas and brain.
    • It is associated with the 4th chakra located in the heart.
    • Wear GREEN when you need to attract a relationship, to find balance and healing, express more love & compassion.
    • Green semi-precious gemstones: aventurine, green fluorite

    Affirmation:  “Healing Love flows through me.”

  6. BLUE
    • Blue is the color of creativity, telepathy, vibration, speech and writing. In color therapy, it benefits the vascular system, nervous system, blood, brain, sense organs, throat.
    • It is associated with the 5th chakra, located in the throat, and thyroid.
    • Wear BLUE when you need: creative inspiration, to be articulate, to communicate more effectively, to envision what you want and manifest it, and to develop telepathy.
    • Blue semi-precious gemstones: turquoise, aquamarine, blue lace agate, amazonite

    Affirmation:  “With creative self-expression, I bring my gifts to fruition.”

    • Indigo is the color of higher intuition, psychic ability. In color therapy, it benefits the skeletal system, bones, ligaments, joints and cartilage.
    • It associated with the 6th chakra, located in the forehead (third eye), pituitary gland.
    • Wear INDIGO when you need to imagine and intuit.
    • Indigo semi-precious gemstones: lapis lazuli, sodalite

    Affirmation: “I connect to my Truth.”

    • Purple is the color of the spirituality, enlightenment, knowing and understanding. 
    • In color therapy, it benefits the nerve cells and brain.
    • It is associated with the 7th chakra located at the top of the head and pineal gland. 
    • Wear PURPLE when you need to raise your vibration and consciousness, access inner knowledge, transcend personal problems.
    • Purple semi-precious gemstones: amethyst, purple flourite, alexandrite

    Affirmation:  “I connect with the Infinite.”

  9. BROWN
    • Brown is the color of the earth, where we plant seeds to grow.  When we wear brown, we are grounding ourself and gathering strength from the earth.
    • It is associated with the 1st chakra at the base of the spine and governs new beginnings, individuality, survival, security, safety and support. 
    • Wear BROWN when you are in your head too much and need balance, grounding and calmness.
    • Brown gemstones: tiger eye, smoky quartz, brown jasper

    Affirmation:  “I am grounded and connected with the Great Mother.”

  10. BLACK
    • Black absorbs all colors and represents darkness, mystery, yin energy, and power.
    • It is associated with the 1st chakra at the base of the spine, and is grounding and protective.
    • Wear BLACK when you want to make a statement and to contrast dark and light.
    • Black semi-precious gemstones:  black onyx, jet, black obsidian, black tourmaline

    Affirmation: “In wholeness, I balance the darkness and light within me.”

    • Grey and silver combine black and white, so are balancing to the opposites.  They remind us of the silvery light of the stars and moon.  In color therapy, it is cleansing and good for the immune system.
    • Wear GREY or SILVER when you want to have more balance and dissolve old emotional patterns.
    • Black semi-precious gemstones: hematite, pyrite, labradorite; and metal: silver

    Affirmation:  “In silver light, I am grounded and protected.”

  12. WHITE
    • White combines all colors of the spectrum.  It is associated with light, energy, healing, and connection to higher consciousness.
    • It is associated with the 7th chakra.
    • Wear WHITE when you want to bring more light and lightness into your mind and body. 
    • White semi-precious gemstones: moonstone, pearl, clear quartz crystal

    Affirmation: “I surround myself with White Light.”