Historical Uses of Semi-Precious Stones

Agate is worn for protection, to insure good harvest or fertility; purported to balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies with the etheric body; was used in breast-plates of high priests, and placed in water to drink to dispel illness.

Amber is a pine resin that is fossilized. Transparent amber is 120-180 million years old. Copal or opaque amber is 60 million years old. Organic inclusions improve value. In the Native American and Eastern Indian cultures it is a sacred stone used in fire ceremonies of ancient tribal healers. It was burned to purify the environment and worn to purify body, mind and spirit.

Aquamarine is a sailor's talisman; and increases hopefulness, optimism, courage and inspiration.

Amethyst was used since historic times to promote and encourage sobriety; is good for meditating with as it transmutes lower energies to higher vibrations.
Used to promote sleep and pleasant dreams, and makes one gentle and amiable.  Helps anxiety, nervous headache or digestive disorder.

Aventurine improves eyesight and perception, releases anxiety and fear, encourages calm, positivity, and self-confidence.

Amazonite  was discovered in Africa and Russia.  It was valued for its turquoise color and believed to bring luck in achieving ones dreams, to balance the emotions and provide physical stamina and confidence. To all ancient peoples, the color of sky blue was magical.

Carnelian releases back pain and traumas, encourages healing, and restores energy flow. It is the classical Roman and Greek amulet for success.

Chalcedony encourages peace, calm and a sense of quiet detachment. It is said to reduce pain, irritation or inflammation.

Citrine is uplifting, warming, and gives confidence.  It brings higher levels of wisdom and knowledge.

Coral is the tiny skeletons of invertebrate sea animals.  It was known to stop bleeding and safeguard health.

Fluorite was considered the "genius stone" as it was purported to promote mental clarity, increase concentration and decision-making.  It promotes inner peace, spiritual awakening, and absorbs and neutralizes negative energy.

Garnet insures the wearer of love, faithfulness and safety from wounds. It is considered energizing.

Hematite (iron ore) promotes strength and bravery.

Ivory and bone were used throughout ancient civilizations carved in various symbols to empower and protect. A stone age fertility goddess carved in ivory is one of the world's earliest known works of art.

Jade and Jadeite were thought to have mystical properties, provide protection and blessings. In the Orient it is worn as an amulet for wealth, luck and prestige.

Jasper encourages honesty, protects against night spirits, stops bleeding, and helps during pregnancy.

Labradorite protects against energy “drain” and negativity.

Lapis lazuli mining began in Babylon 6,000 years ago and was considered a royal stone that opened up the higher energy centers of the body and connected one with soul energy and purpose.  It was thought to ease eye troubles, asthma, and migraines while inducing sleep, increasing confidence and relieving anxiety.  It also contains streaks of pyrite which helps balance and integrate higher energies. 

Malachite helps release of old memories and patterns, and attachments to allow forward growth.

Moonstone gives emotional balance, improves intuition, helps stomach aches and headaches.

Pyrite is known as “fool’s gold” and was thought to build masculine energy to be a vital force in the world.

Onyx wards off evil.

Pearls are a symbol of innocence. They promote tolerance and flexibility.

Peridot cures liver disease and dropsy, frees the mind from envy, and dispels night terrors.

Rock Crystal concentrates consciousness, serves as a prayer amulet, promotes clarity, order, and calm.  It can be programmed with any quality you choose.

Rose Quartz induces calm and emotional release, improves relationships, reduces stress.

Serpentine or New Jade was used in anciety times to guard against disease and negative energy.  It is thought to enhance deep meditation, heal moods and conflicts and bring inner peace.

Smokey Quartz protects, quiets and grounds energy.

Topaz directs and focuses energy, cleanses negativity from emotions, increases power and strength. Golden topaz increases peace and harmony. Blue topaz frees up communication. 

Turquoise brings luck, protects against poison, eye disease, and falling; promotes balance and energy. The earliest evidence of turquoise mining dates to 6000 years ago in the Middle East. To Aztecs, it was the stone of the Gods, used extensively in worship. In medieval times it was deemed a powerful talisman.

Zircon drives away evit spirits and bad dreams, banishes grief and melancholy, restores appetite, induces sleep.